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Music has the power to enhance our lives in truly profound ways. Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument at any time of life can be a huge developmental benefit. For the young child, the benefits of learning and playing music are great for the developing brain. However, anyone, at any age can benefit from learning to play an instrument and make music.

Music Education that is Fun & Accessible for All Ages
Middle C Music is a resource for anyone, young or old, who wants to learn to play an instrument or have a more fulfilling relationship with music. We provide music education on various instruments through private instruction, group lessons and specific classes. We generally provide in-home instruction. In the future we plan to move into specific “brick and mortar” locations around Metro Detroit.

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In-Home instruction.
Discount Packages available.
Sibling Discount available.

If you would like more information on private music education instruction on ANY instrument, please fill out the form below and Tommy will get back to you about scheduling an assessment to meet your needs.

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